Monday, 16 July 2012

Indoor Water Fountains Wall Floor Standing Tabletop

Indoor Water Fountains

An indoor water fountain can be a soothing, elegant addition to any decorating scheme. A water feature may be used as a grand centerpiece in a foyer or entertainment room area, or as a small accent table top water feature in an office, den or living room area. Indoor water fountains come in a wide variety of designs from large free standing floor models, wall mount units to smaller table top bowls.

Choosing the perfect style fountain for your decor, lifestyle and needs is important - what features should you look at? Maintenance, noise level, how attractive an indoor fountain is and how it will blends in a home are all issues to be considered before s
shopping for and buying an indoor water feature.

Artesian Globe Tabletop Fountain

This beautiful tabletop fountain offers unique lighting as the water cascades out of the spinning ball and flows down into a pool of water in the bowl. Includes the polished river stones that sit in the bowl.

Illuminated Relaxation Fountain - Black/ Sand

"HOMEDICS" ENVIRASCAPE MARIPOSA ILLUMINATED RELAXATION FOUNTAIN *The soothing sound of water *Natural flower blossom design adds romance to any room decor Water flows down the petals of the flower creating soothing water sounds *Illuminated for a more dramatic effect *Helps you relax by creating a stress free ambiance *Tabletop size *Off white flower and brown base *Boxed.

Illuminated Rock Garden Relaxation Fountain

Need to find a Zen moment in an otherwise hectic day? Plug in this soothing tabletop fountain and let the sounds of nature drown out the buzz of a busy office, whining children, or the honking of traffic. The fountain's attractive design blends into any home or office d├ęcor. The plastic platform holds a scattering of polished river rocks, and sends water cascading over the sides to create a naturally pleasant white noise that enhances concentration or brings on relaxation and sleep. The fountain operates via an installed durable electric water pump, and offers several speeds so you can adjust the water flow to fit your mood. A light can also be turned on for evening relaxation sessions for a more dramatic effect.


  1. They are awesome i love them for their beauty

  2. I love that Artesian Globe Tabletop Fountain