Monday, 5 December 2011

IKEA Furniture Was Used for the Opera Stage Design

The opera stage seems to be the last place where one would expect to see IKEA furniture, still it’s exactly where it recently appeared. The furniture pieces from the Swedish retailer were used for stage design of two classic operas, which are not related to either to modern house design or the history of furniture in any way. The brand, which likes to experiment with colours and forms, now has entered a new universe, the opera one, by contributing to the settings of the operas at Teatro Carlo Felice, Geno

IKEA, which is known for its affordable and stylish offerings, has contributed to the set design of two operas, ‘The Bell’ by Gaetono Donizzetti and ‘Gianni Schicchi’ by Giacomo Puccini —one of the performances was set  in the Victorian era and the other took the audience back to the Medieval times. Despite the enormous gap between the era of IKEA and the time described in the operas, the furniture pieces, ranging from stools, tables and buffets to secretaries, libraries and bed frames, were perfectly integrated into the design and added to the atmosphere of each of the performances.


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Christmas Decoration Catalogs Christmas Decoration Catalogs for this festive season available online at free of cost. This catalog provide you the best and cheap ways to decorate your home for Christmas also you can get the best ways to do Christmas Celebration.

Decor Ideas For A Beautiful Balcony!

balcony decoration
1. You can make the balcony green if there is enough space around. It adds more life to the open outdoor place. Decorate the balcony with colourful flower plants to get the natural look. Container gardening is the ideal option for your balcony. Decorate the corners with rose, marigold, tulip and sunflower plants. Gardening is best visible when the space is good so first concentrate on the sitting area.

2. Balcony sitting can be used for various purposes. Sit and relax, read a novel or paper, have evening tea alone or with friends and most importantly, spend some time alone or with your partner. The sitting arrangement should be done under full or partial shade to avoid getting tanned. Sitting under the shade protects the furniture and is cozy too!

3. Use lounge chairs and tables to get the stylish look. If you want to make it a hangout place, place bean bags and rag mats with a center table to get the finished look.

4. Place pillows or cushions on the sitting for a comfortable and relaxing time.

5. It is best to use teak furniture as they are weather resistant. Padded furniture are also good as they can resist any weather conditions.

Try 'home-made' Christmas decorations

christmas home decoration
Designate a Saturday for Christmas preparations, and rope in your children to help. A pack of black card, some glue, glitter and paint are all you need to make bunting, place settings and other tabletop flourishes. The key shapes never change. Use tree, bauble, star and bell stencils to give an instant Christmassy effect. The truly ambitious could try a robin or two.

With real trees costing around £10 a foot, an artificial one could save you a fortune. And they are no longer the garish emerald-fur bonanzas of old. They look realistic, rescue you from treading on pine needles and are fully recyclable. Our 7ft Snowy Paper Tree, complete with LED lights, cost £85 from John Lewis.

Creating your own tree decorations is easy. Baker Ross has six ceramic “paint your own” baubles for £4.99, but my children love Decoration Sewing Kits (six for £5.94). These come with plastic needles, wool, stuffing, stickers and sequins. Four paper chains cost £11.40, enough to decorate both your house and the neighbours’.

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