Monday, 5 December 2011

Decor Ideas For A Beautiful Balcony!

balcony decoration
1. You can make the balcony green if there is enough space around. It adds more life to the open outdoor place. Decorate the balcony with colourful flower plants to get the natural look. Container gardening is the ideal option for your balcony. Decorate the corners with rose, marigold, tulip and sunflower plants. Gardening is best visible when the space is good so first concentrate on the sitting area.

2. Balcony sitting can be used for various purposes. Sit and relax, read a novel or paper, have evening tea alone or with friends and most importantly, spend some time alone or with your partner. The sitting arrangement should be done under full or partial shade to avoid getting tanned. Sitting under the shade protects the furniture and is cozy too!

3. Use lounge chairs and tables to get the stylish look. If you want to make it a hangout place, place bean bags and rag mats with a center table to get the finished look.

4. Place pillows or cushions on the sitting for a comfortable and relaxing time.

5. It is best to use teak furniture as they are weather resistant. Padded furniture are also good as they can resist any weather conditions.


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  2. Awesome decor of beautiful Balcony....

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