Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Decorative ceilings usually have either multiple levels in the ceiling or Cove effects in the ceiling or multiple materials in the ceiling design. First decide whether you want to have cove in your ceiling. A cove would give you hidden light effects.

Once the decision on a cove in the ceiling is done, decide whether you want some different material on the ceiling. Now a day, a slight component of wood or other material looks great on the ceiling design. In the articles below and in our Picture Gallery, you will find Ceiling designs Pictures that will help you to create perfect ceiling.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Water Fountains, Front Yard and Backyard Designs

Water fountains are beautiful and modern front yard and backyard ideas that add more interest and style to landscaping, creating pleasant environment and cooling effect. Outdoor water fountains are attractive garden and front yard decorations that add chic accents to house exterior designs and entrance decorating.

Outdoor fountains make modern homes, garden, front yard and backyard designs look attractive and stylish, inviting to enjoy peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that a water fountain creates. Indoor and outdoor fountains are a great way to decorate home interiors, backyard or front yard, patio and garden, adding a personal touch to rooms, house exterior and landscaping ideas.

A wide range of modern outdoor water fountains include decorative fountains for the front yard and garden fountains, wall fountains and changing water color fountains, solar fountains and waterfall fountains, small tabletop fountains and unique large fountains, inspired by classic and antique designs, floating and dynamic water fountains for interesting contemporary backyard designs.

Stones and rocks for backyard designs
Made of natural or manmade stones or concrete, contemporary outdoor water fountains make stunning backyard or front yard decorations with green plants and flowers, creating a wonderful focal point of front yard or backyard decorating and emphasizing the beauty of house exterior designs.

Indoor Water Fountains Wall Floor Standing Tabletop

Indoor Water Fountains

An indoor water fountain can be a soothing, elegant addition to any decorating scheme. A water feature may be used as a grand centerpiece in a foyer or entertainment room area, or as a small accent table top water feature in an office, den or living room area. Indoor water fountains come in a wide variety of designs from large free standing floor models, wall mount units to smaller table top bowls.

Choosing the perfect style fountain for your decor, lifestyle and needs is important - what features should you look at? Maintenance, noise level, how attractive an indoor fountain is and how it will blends in a home are all issues to be considered before s
shopping for and buying an indoor water feature.

Artesian Globe Tabletop Fountain

This beautiful tabletop fountain offers unique lighting as the water cascades out of the spinning ball and flows down into a pool of water in the bowl. Includes the polished river stones that sit in the bowl.

Illuminated Relaxation Fountain - Black/ Sand

"HOMEDICS" ENVIRASCAPE MARIPOSA ILLUMINATED RELAXATION FOUNTAIN *The soothing sound of water *Natural flower blossom design adds romance to any room decor Water flows down the petals of the flower creating soothing water sounds *Illuminated for a more dramatic effect *Helps you relax by creating a stress free ambiance *Tabletop size *Off white flower and brown base *Boxed.

Illuminated Rock Garden Relaxation Fountain

Need to find a Zen moment in an otherwise hectic day? Plug in this soothing tabletop fountain and let the sounds of nature drown out the buzz of a busy office, whining children, or the honking of traffic. The fountain's attractive design blends into any home or office décor. The plastic platform holds a scattering of polished river rocks, and sends water cascading over the sides to create a naturally pleasant white noise that enhances concentration or brings on relaxation and sleep. The fountain operates via an installed durable electric water pump, and offers several speeds so you can adjust the water flow to fit your mood. A light can also be turned on for evening relaxation sessions for a more dramatic effect.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Kids Room Furniture & Decoration

American Furniture Alliance Twin Over Twin Silver Bunk Bed

It's summer camp year-round with this sturdy silver twin size bunk bed. Perfect for sleepovers or small bedrooms. A metal ladder is fastened to the side of the beds for easy access to the top bunk.

Creates a colorful and fun room style for kids and teens to enjoy. Mattress not included.
Chidrens Room

Incorporating children's room, you create a unique little world, in which your child will grow and develop. That is why a special attention should be given to the repair of the child and its design. In this section are published beautiful project of interior design of children's rooms. To see a photo of the child, You need to click on your favorite photo, where You will be able to continue browsing your gallery.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Dreamy Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

Sleek Uptown Look

If you can tear your eyes away from the fabulous glass-bubble chandelier, check out these countertops: Absolute Black leather-finish granite throughout, plus serving stations and a custom-made tabletop in a complementary Iron Red polished granite. Designer Gwyneth Hand chose black laminate and charcoal-stained oak cabinets to complete the look.

Two Islands Better Than One

In a large kitchen, designer Heather Hungeling prefers to create two smaller islands instead of one behemoth — a too-large island becomes an obstacle to get around instead of a boost to functionality. Here, one island is topped in granite and the other in warm, rich Iroko butcher block (an African hardwood).

Study in Black and White

Despite the presence of traditional elements such as the chandelier and crown molding, this isn't your grandma's black-and-white kitchen. Designer Angela Shannon used a 60-inch Wolf oven, high-gloss white Poggenpohl cabinets, Marron Cohiba granite countertops with metallic flecks and clear Starfire glass bar-height countertops to create a luxurious contemporary feel.

Bigger Is Better

Outsized scale creates a larger-than-life effect in this kitchen designed by Heather Hungeling. The massive oak island and ivory Edwardian-style cabinetry are balanced by a contemporary-feeling backsplash with a sleek metallic finish. Lesson: Don't be afraid to mix traditional elements with of-the-moment accessories.

Sunday, 8 July 2012


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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Delightful Home Exteriors

A negative first impression of a home, founded on its ill exterior décor or neglected exteriors may well end up being a lasting impression. The good news is that decorating the outside of you house can just be as exciting and rewarding as doing your interior décor.

Furthermore, it need not put a dent in your purse. With some imagination and effort you can give your home a substatial make-over just by working on its exteriors.

When it comes to the outdoors, it’s tempting to assume that you need to have lots of outdoor space to make an impression. This misguided notion contributes to the neglect that is witnessed on the exteriors of many small homes. To dispel this myth lets look at afew exterior décor ideas

Monday, 2 July 2012


  • Pull a color out of something else that is going to be in the room such as thechosen fabrics. Narrow down two or three and pay for a quart of each to paintsample boards. Hold the dry sample boards up tothe furniture, the fabrics and the surfaces already in the room.
  • If the choice between two colors is difficult, set one of the boards up andhide the other at the back . If you cannot commit, switch the boards as youwill probably feel easier with one. If not, don't worry too much about this asyou'll eventually find the right color. Remember, it's just paint.
  • A perfect match is not always thebest wall color choice so allow at least one of the sample boards to be animperfect match. It just might be the ember that gives your room thatnon-formulated designer look.