Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Accessorize your home to beat the winter blues

These can be boring days. Come February we’re really hunkered down, the holidays are a far-away reminiscence along with the parties and celebratory confusion which make the short days seem not only manageable but attractive.
Don’t give up yet on making this the perfect time to make your home a refuge. We went to some local shops for their ideas on warming up your home during the gray days.


Sometimes just moving furniture around is all it takes. “Rearranging and redecorating always lifts our spirits during long Chicago winters,” says Carol King of Design Studio in Western Springs.

Shift furniture closer together to encourage conversation. Pull chairs closer to the fireplace and make a cozy, reading corner.

Use lights in unexpected places, such as in the kitchen, on a bookshelf or on the mantle and sprinkle candles throughout the house to add a soft glow.

Toss comfy throw blankets on couches to add some color and literal warmth to a room. Pile on the throw pillows and add down pillows and blankets to the bed.

Surround yourself with items that you love and have meaning for you. Now is the time to display souvenirs from trips, family photos in beautiful picture frames, flowers and pillows with fun sayings.

Add greenery

“Adding some greenery brings life to a table or other space,” says Jennifer Smolik of Linly Designs in Clarendon Hills. Use rich colors to add warmth.

Negeen Masghati of Consign and Redesign in La Grange recommends bringing natural materials inside to add warmth. “When we’re trapped inside all day, it helps to bring the outdoors inside.”

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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Open courses on CeMAP

When you apply for loans, you would have often come across a term called mortgage. We end up taking loans in our life for various reasons. Some, maybe very essential, and some to just to add that little bit of luxury in your life. Whatever the reasons we take out loans for, the issuing authority, or the lender, most commonly a bank, would like collateral for the loan that they give out to you.

This is because they want to make sure that they get back the money the money that they give you. In terms of security, the banks are only being fair. Most of the times, people sign in a guarantee who would be responsible to repay the back the money in case you are not able to. There are also many banks that ask for property as collateral. This is also known as mortgage. When a property or an asset is mortgage, it means that in the event you are unable to repay back the loan, the property would be seized by the loan issuing authority like the bank, and will be sold off or made use of to repay back the loan.

Thus mortgage is to pledge your property against the full loan amount that you have taken. It is quite common when a bank loans amount a large sum of money. When employees look for mortgage counseling, someone with a qualification in mortgage is highly sought after. Hence it is becoming an important career choice for many today. There are many countries who train their students to complete and clear mortgage exams. Innovative ideas and training tools are implemented to train students to clear their CeMAP exams. The curriculum and training program is designed to meet the needs of the students.

This site offers training for the CeMAP exam. There are many advantages to the CeMAP training. Clearing the CeMAP exams qualifies a student to practice as a mortgage advisor in the UK. The training is oriented towards their job and hence it allows students to become proficient in their work. There is a large need for qualified mortgage advisors in the country today.

This has created a lot of openings for qualified mortgage professionals in the market today. Also a CeMAP qualified professional not only has the option of joining existing firms as advisors but they are also qualified to open their own mortgage advisory services. However, there are many companies across the country that has a demand for mortgage professionals. Therefore it is a feasible career options for many students across the country as the opportunities are vast. This site will help and guide students who are looking to take up their CeMAP exams
. You will find all information related to such exams here.