Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Accessorize your home to beat the winter blues

These can be boring days. Come February we’re really hunkered down, the holidays are a far-away reminiscence along with the parties and celebratory confusion which make the short days seem not only manageable but attractive.
Don’t give up yet on making this the perfect time to make your home a refuge. We went to some local shops for their ideas on warming up your home during the gray days.


Sometimes just moving furniture around is all it takes. “Rearranging and redecorating always lifts our spirits during long Chicago winters,” says Carol King of Design Studio in Western Springs.

Shift furniture closer together to encourage conversation. Pull chairs closer to the fireplace and make a cozy, reading corner.

Use lights in unexpected places, such as in the kitchen, on a bookshelf or on the mantle and sprinkle candles throughout the house to add a soft glow.

Toss comfy throw blankets on couches to add some color and literal warmth to a room. Pile on the throw pillows and add down pillows and blankets to the bed.

Surround yourself with items that you love and have meaning for you. Now is the time to display souvenirs from trips, family photos in beautiful picture frames, flowers and pillows with fun sayings.

Add greenery

“Adding some greenery brings life to a table or other space,” says Jennifer Smolik of Linly Designs in Clarendon Hills. Use rich colors to add warmth.

Negeen Masghati of Consign and Redesign in La Grange recommends bringing natural materials inside to add warmth. “When we’re trapped inside all day, it helps to bring the outdoors inside.”

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